Lambskin Baby Rug Giant Teddy Bear 100 x 80cm


Made from 100% Australian lambskin, and handcrafted into a giant teddy bear, this is bound to be a favourite for your little bub during play and tummy time, whilst looking great in the playroom!

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Indulge your little one with the ultimate comfort of our Lambskin Baby Rug. Made from the finest quality Australian lambskin, this rug is incredibly soft, cozy, and gentle against your baby’s delicate skin. It provides a warm and inviting surface for your baby to lay, play, and explore, creating a comforting environment for your little bundle of joy during tummy time.

Crafted from 100% Australian lambskin, this rug is free from harsh chemicals and additives, making it safe for your baby to use. Its hypoallergenic properties make it ideal for babies with sensitive skin, providing a gentle and soothing experience. The natural temperature-regulating properties of lambskin also ensure that your baby stays warm in colder weather and cool in warmer weather, keeping them comfortable all year round.

Not only does our Lambskin Baby Rug provide unparalleled comfort, but it also adds a touch of luxury to any nursery or playroom. Its soft and fluffy texture adds warmth and sophistication to your baby’s space, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. The neutral color of the lambskin complements any decor style, making it a versatile addition to your baby’s room.

Invest in the ultimate comfort for your little one with our Lambskin Baby Rug. Wrap your baby in luxury and provide them with a soft and cozy haven to rest, play, and grow.

Enhance Your Baby’s Sensory Development

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  • Subheading: Stimulate Your Baby’s Senses with Lambskin
  • Content: Did you know that sensory development plays a crucial role in your baby’s overall growth and well-being? Our Lambskin Baby Rug is not only a source of comfort for your baby but also a valuable tool for enhancing their sensory development.

The soft and tactile texture of the lambskin provides ample opportunities for your baby to engage their sense of touch, which is essential for their sensory development. As your baby lays, rolls, and crawls on the rug, they will experience different sensations, stimulating their tactile receptors and promoting their sensory perception.

Made from natural materials, our Lambskin Baby Rug is an excellent choice for providing your baby with a sensory-rich environment. The softness, warmth, and natural scent of the lambskin create a soothing and calming sensory experience for your baby, helping them to relax and feel secure. It also encourages them to explore and discover their surroundings, supporting their cognitive and motor skills development.

Invest in our Lambskin Baby Rug to enhance your baby’s sensory development and provide them with a safe and nurturing environment to explore the world around them.

Practicality and Durability for Busy Parents

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  • Subheading: A Practical Choice for Busy Parents
  • Content: As a busy parent, you need practical and durable solutions for your baby’s needs. Our Lambskin Baby Rug offers not only comfort and sensory stimulation but also practicality and durability to make your life easier.

Designed with busy parents in mind, our Lambskin Baby Rug is made to withstand the demands of everyday life with a baby. Its natural durability and resilience ensure that it can withstand frequent use and last for years, making it a wise investment for your baby’s comfort and well-being.

Cleaning up after your baby can be a breeze with our Lambskin Baby Rug. Its natural self-cleaning properties make it resistant to dirt and odor, requiring minimal maintenance


100% Australian Lambskin

Colour: Natural Ivory

Approximate Size: 100cm x 80cm


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